Welcome to the support forum for radykal products.

This ticket system is only for BUYERS. If you have any pre-sale questions, please post them on the comments section of the item.

Support Rules

Please use the search first before open a new support ticket, many questions are asked multiple times. You need your item purchase code for signing up in my forum. I am trying to answer all questions within 48 hours.

  • Before purchasing an item, you should be familiar how to handle it, e.g. a jquery plugin requires coding skills in jquery.
  • Modification/Customization is not a support question. If you need that, I can only do that in a custom paid job. But I can't guarantee that I am available for a custom job. Support question: "I have problems to install it, could you help..." Modification/Customization question: "Could you include this feature for me..."
  • READ the documentation. Each item comes with an own documentation, in which I explain how to set up the item. Many questions can be answered when you read the documentation carefully!
  • Don't post overlong comments, explain your problem shortly. The longer your comment, the shorter will be my answer ;) .
  • Feature request: You can ask me if its possible to include this feature in an upcoming update. If I don't include it, then it was not requested by other clients. Please accept this.

Thank you!

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