Welcome to the support forum for radykal products.

This ticket system is only for verified buyers. If you have any pre-sale questions, please post them on the comments section of the item.

Limited Support from 9th Feb 2014!

Due to a vacation my support will be limited for two to three months, starting 9th of February, 2014. During this time Patrick Wagner will try to answer your questions regarding the following products as good as he can:

  • Fancy Product Designer - Woocommerce plugin
  • Fancy Gallery - Wordress plugin.

He is not as familiar with the source code as I am, so that his support will be limited too. Tickets with more complex questions will be redirected to me. I myself will have a computer with me and try to give support as much as I can - no promises! If your ticket does not get answered within 5 days the system will close it automatically. Please feel free to open a new one when I am back and your question still exists.

Support Rules

Please use the search first before open a new support ticket, many questions are asked multiple times. You need your item purchase code for signing up in my forum. I am trying to answer all questions within 48 hours.

  • Before purchasing an item, you should be familiar how to handle it, e.g. a jquery plugin requires coding skills in jquery.
  • Modification/Customization is not a support question. If you need that, I can only do that in a custom paid job. But I can't guarantee that I am available for a custom job. Support question: "I have problems to install it, could you help..." Modification/Customization question: "Could you include this feature for me..."
  • READ the documentation. Each item comes with an own documentation, in which I explain how to set up the item. Many questions can be answered when you read the documentation carefully!
  • Don't post overlong comments, explain your problem shortly. The longer your comment, the shorter will be my answer ;) .
  • Feature request: You can ask me if its possible to include this feature in an upcoming update. If I don't include it, then it was not requested by other clients. Please accept this.

Thank you!

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